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OWN has been operational since 2008 ! In that time so much has changed, not least the state of community interest and expectations of OWN users.

ownmagentaSharing broadband in public still makes great sense but with so many people carrying Smart phones, Tablets and Laptops many with 3and 4G network access as standard some of the passion for independent infrastructure building has fallen away. Meanwhile the technical obstructions and to some extent costs have been overcome exposing our existing mesh network as shabby and ineffective by comparison.

Some great examples of successful and progressive development thrive around the world, Guifi in Catalonia is a great example and Freifunk has activated many cities in Germany and inspired so much. The Greek AWMN is a huge network which started in Athens now also links many rural areas and Islands. We need to look again at how best to continue and refresh our local OWN.


Ubiquiti and other equipment vendors have introduced quality solutions at every level which we should adopt and utilise if we are to continue to offer access and help connect local people and resist corporate hegemony!

RedRaw have been a long term supporter and connection supplier to Deckspace in Greenwich are keen to extend the high speed access service across the OWN area presenting a great option to conventional broadband.



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One very pleasurable aspect of open wireless networking is the regular opportunity to view these panoramas from high up on rooftops and highrisers as we travel about installing equipment. This view is from Daubeny Tower in Pepys Estate and was taken a decade ago!


So much in the area has changed in that time not least the expectation of network users and the falling costs for easy to access and always available internet access.