The open wireless network in SE8 now coincides with the UK pilot for Mazi. Horizon 2020 at the EU have awarded CAPS funding to SPC, to help compile a Mazi toolkit.

“To harness the collaborative power of ICT networks to create collective awareness of sustainability threats and enable collective solutions”

The ‘Community Awareness Platforms for Sustainability’ agenda is shared by a consortium of nine organizations from Greece, Germany, Switzerland and UK. A pilot Mazi zone will be established in each country, where neighborhood interest and engagement in these issues is to be supported and vital data collected about each process to inform creation of the toolkit for ongoing use.


Starting on Monday March 7th the first of a series of afternoon workshops will begin aboard the Minesweeper on Deptford Creek, to explore some options and ideas to extend the boats ‘senses’, supplement existing infrastructure and improve public relations. The Minesweeper collective run weekly artist workshops where screen print, painting and woodcraft skills are shared with locals. They also host regular exhibitions at The Birdsnest public house on Deptford Church Street and enjoy increasingly enthusiastic acclaim.

camdenThe Creekside Education Trust is key to access the river and host low tide walks and work with schoolchildren and local people to monitor the ecology of the creek, it’s animal and plant life. Alongside the well established boating community are a series of arts and education organizations and are matched on the Greenwich side by light industrial and motor trading estates, who are quickly giving way to rapid regeneration and stacking of private condo’s and new business units.

IMG_20151009_133223The air is increasingly thick with aggregates as concrete is prepared and poured in a frenzy of construction and commerce. Local people face ongoing disruption as this swell of activity continues to rise alongside environmental concerns for the health and well being of the whole neighborhood. Our hope is, that by working alongside those active in local issues and by supporting respective activities that an improved sense of togetherness and shared benefit, will encourage the voice of those, facing changes they struggle to comprehend let alone influence otherwise.